Rick Moyer will step down as senior associate vice president and chief risk officer for audit, compliance, risk and privacy at Stanford University at the end of the month.

Moyer has held the title for the past five years. He joined Stanford in 2006 as executive director of internal audit and institutional compliance.

As his retirement nears, Moyer shared his thoughts on how ethics and compliance drive culture as part of an interview with the Stanford Report.

“Everyone can strive to show up as their best self each and every day,” Moyer said. “Admittedly, it’s not always easy—we are all human and there are certainly factors that can make it challenging to do so—but it should be the expectation and the norm that we all try to act with integrity, be honest and forthcoming, treat people with respect, and stand up for what is right each and every day.”

Prior to joining Stanford, Moyer served as the executive director of audit services and institute compliance officer at the California Institute of Technology. He previously held positions with major defense contractors including General Dynamics, Martin Marietta, and Lockheed Martin.

Stanford in July hired Raina Rose Tagle as its new senior associate vice president and chief risk officer.