Stratus, a provider of in-home neurodiagnostic testing services, announced the appointment of David Hruda as chief compliance officer. Hruda will report directly to Chief Executive Officer Charlie Alvarez.

As chief compliance officer, Hruda will be responsible for overseeing compliance, risk, and ethics and ensuring adherence with laws and regulatory requirements. He will focus on developing, implementing, and overseeing compliance policies and procedures, as well as programs to prevent, detect, and take appropriate remedial measures to address any noncompliance, the company said.

Prior to joining Stratus, Hruda served as vice president of legal and compliance for BioSerenity, a global company that provides services in sleep, electroencephalogram (EEG), and cardiac diagnostics. At BioSerenity, Hruda was responsible for providing counsel on compliance, risk management, healthcare regulations, and data privacy.

Prior to BioSerenity, Hruda was senior attorney at the law firm of Alexander & Cleaver. Hruda has also served as chief compliance officer and general counsel for Watermark Medical Holdings, where he advised leadership on compliance, risk management, and healthcare regulations. Hruda’s additional startup company experience includes time as chief compliance officer at PDSHeart, which was acquired by CardioNet (now known as Biotel).