Principled performance is all about being able to reliably achieve objectives while addressing uncertainty and acting with integrity. That means you need to develop objectives based on a full understanding of the context in which your organization operates and design strategies for operations, risk management, and compliance that are effective within the risk boundaries that leadership puts in place. We must ask:

How do we apply the concept of alignment to business operations and risk management to ensure that all parts of the organization work together off of the same information?

Do you set objectives and then align strategies and tactics for management of risk and compliance to those objectives? Or do you consider the business context—both internal and external—to see what the objectives should be?

How do you make sure that the activities and controls you establish stay in alignment with each other and with your objectives as changes take place that affect the correctness of your decisions?

These are just some of the questions addressed in OCEG's latest infographic, which focuses on the “Align” component of the new GRC Capability Model (Red Book 3.0).