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    Europe’s high court strikes blow to drug companies in ‘pay-for-delay’ case


    The U.K. Competition and Markets Authority won a victory in a decision by Europe’s high court, ruling GlaxosmithKline’s entering of a financial deal with industry rivals to delay the generic version of its drugs violates EU competition law.

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    Why is the U.S. government investigating GlaxoSmithKline now?


    GlaxoSmithKline recently said U.S. enforcement agencies asked for information about third-party advisers the company hired in China during a corruption investigation in the country. The Man From FCPA asks, why now?

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    How did GSK obtain a declination?


    If GlaxoSmithKline deserved a declination to prosecute, then the Justice Department needs to provide a better explanation as to why. Tom Fox reports.

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    Was the GlaxoSmithKline FCPA resolution a missed opportunity?


    Tom Fox questions whether U.S. regulators missed a chance to illustrate how they would give credit for anti-corruption prosecutions done by other governments in the case of GlaxoSmithKline’s China subsidiary’s recent FCPA resolution.

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    GSK to pay $20M to SEC to resolve bribery charges


    U.K. pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline will pay a civil money penalty in the amount of $20 million to the Securities and Exchange Commission to resolve charges concerning bribery payments made to government officials in China. Jaclyn Jaeger reports.

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    Sir Andrew Witty successor named: GSK revisited


    Tom Fox looks at Sir Andrew Witty’s career as chief executive of GlaxoSmithKline, as the CEO recently resigned and was replaced by Emma Walmsley.

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    Checking Up on GSK in China


    When thinking through an FCPA risk assessment, one thing usually not considered adequately is a company’s sales culture. To see the consequences of that, one need look no further than GSK’s corruption troubles in China—but, CW blogger Tom Fox writes, the reforms GSK has implemented with its sales force are ...