harmon.ie has unveiled new capabilities of its information governance solution designed to give organizations an easy way to properly manage important e-mails and documents as business records in SharePoint without asking employees to complicate their daily routine.

harmon.ie makes information governance a seamless part of employees’ current e-mail regimen. It allows organizations to keep the human at the center of the compliance initiative by giving the workers ultimate control, while eliminating human error and reducing employee resistance. By employing simple Outlook rules to give workers an intuitive way to dictate which e-mails need to be stored for compliance, the email capture procedure can be automated by the user.

Information workers decide what is captured, classified, and uploaded automatically as records in SharePoint. For example, a worker can create a standard Outlook rule that says that all e-mails with “Project Alpha” in the subject line need to be saved as records in SharePoint. Once the rule is applied, all subsequent e-mails with the text “Project Alpha” in the subject line will automatically be uploaded and classified, making saving important e-mails effortless. If the user prefers to do it manually, harmon.ie still simplifies the process by enabling them to drag and drop emails into designated folders, even when offline, for classification and storage in SharePoint.