Defense contractor Harris said last week in a quarterly filing that the Department of Justice has decided not to take any action following the completion of its investigation into potential violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. The SEC’s investigation remains ongoing.

In April 2011, Harris completed its acquisition of Carefx and its subsidiaries, including its China subsidiary, Carefx China. “Following the closing, we became aware that certain entertainment, travel and other expenses in connection with the Carefx China operations may have been incurred or recorded improperly,” the company said.

“In response, we initiated an internal investigation and learned that certain employees of the Carefx China operations had provided pre-paid gift cards and other gifts and payments to certain customers, potential customers, consultants, and government regulators, after which we took certain remedial actions.”

Harris said it disclosed the results of the investigation to its audit committee, board of directors and auditors, and voluntarily to the Department of Justice and the SEC. As a result, the SEC and Justice Department initiated investigations into the matter.

During the second quarter of fiscal year 2016, the Justice Department advised us that they have determined not to take any action against us related to this matter,” Harris said. The Justice Department said it based its decision on its overall view of the evidence “as to our level of acquisition due diligence and integration efforts, our voluntary disclosure to the DOJ and SEC, our remediation efforts and our cooperation throughout the investigation, which is continuing,” the company said.

Harris said it’s continuing to cooperate with the SEC regarding its investigation. “We cannot predict at this time the duration or scope of, developments in, results of, or any regulatory action or other potential consequences from, such investigation or otherwise in connection with this matter.