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    The ‘Weinstein Clause’: M&A deals in the #MeToo era


    A CW analysis identified 15 M&A deals over the past eight months in which firms protected themselves in writing from sexual harassment allegations. Known as the “Weinstein Clause,” these protections still don't address the heart of the matter: corporate culture.

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    Harvey Weinstein—the FCPA angle


    More trouble for Harvey Weinstein? The scandal-plagued Hollywood exec’s purchase of a $75K dress that was given to an un-named Qatari individual who was prepared to invest some $20,000,000 in an animation movie fund could be an FCPA violation.

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    Harvey Weinstein, Obamacare, and Google


    Title: Harvey Weinstein, Obamacare, aThis week, the scope of corruption surrounding Harvey Weinstein is growing bigger by the day, Google hands over evidence of Russia-linked ads on their sites, and President Trump makes moves to raise “repeal and replace Obamacare” back from the dead.