Hearsay Social, provider of the Predictive Omnichannel Suite for advisors, recently unveiled Hearsay Messages, the first text messaging solution for advisors to compliantly exchange texts with clients and prospects using their current mobile device.

With the addition of the new Hearsay Message solution to the Hearsay Social enterprise platform, advisors will be able to easily engage with customers on social media, advisor websites, personalized email and text messaging, and leverage client insights across all channels. The Predictive Omnichannel Suite enables advisors to efficiently build and deepen one-to-one relationships with customers and prospects, and ultimately grow their business, all while remaining compliant with company policy and financial services regulations.

Hearsay Social’s suite of applications allows advisors to build and deepen relationships across multiple digital channels. In addition, the suite’s Predictive Content Library recommends pre-approved, compliant content based on client interests and interactions for advisors to share on social media, their own mobile-optimized websites and via one-to-one e-mails, making it easy for them to offer the personalized, omnichannel experience their customers and prospects demand.

Key benefits of Hearsay Messages:

Accelerate advisor productivity: Using Hearsay Messages (for iPhone and Android), advisors will be able to easily engage with customers and prospects for business purposes using their current mobile device. Advisors will be able to send and receive texts through the app, set appointments and send reminder messages.

Address compliance requirements: Hearsay Messages will provide highly configurable compliance functionality for advisor business texting. Firms will be able to control outbound messages by the type of content, such as hyperlinks, photos or lexicon-based text alerts, while flagging risks and preventing potentially inappropriate communication between advisors and customers.

Directly reach advisors: Through Hearsay Messages, compliance teams will have a new, efficient way to communicate with advisors when they need to send a time-sensitive message. They will be able to supervise field communications and notify advisors of policy infractions via a quick text.

Compliance teams will have a single, unified view of advisor activity across social media, advisor websites (Hearsay Sites), e-mail (Hearsay Mail) and text messaging (Hearsay Messages) to make it easier and more efficient to enforce compliance policies. The Universal Supervision dashboard will provide a streamlined workflow for supervisors to monitor and review advisor activity across all four channels. For corporate marketing teams, the omnichannel offering provides valuable, 360-degree insights into what channels are most used by their advisors, as well as what content performs the best with customers and prospects.