Hearsay Social, a social business platform provider for the financial services industry, this week launched new capabilities for its Compliance Solution, providing improved efficiency and control for compliance teams and the financial professionals whom they supervise.

A new social media profile review and publishing experience enables administrators to review and approve individual, online profiles of financial professionals more efficiently and provides the firm more control of static content. In addition, Hearsay Social now offers more context for compliance professionals as they review social media content in addition to an enhanced ability to attach notes, documents, and images to records associated with communications on social networks.

The new capabilities are:

New static profile review workflow and automated publishing: FINRA-regulated firms are required to pre-approve static content, such as profile information on the social networks, before it is published. In order to make this process more efficient, Hearsay Social created a streamlined social media profile review, approval, and publishing solution.

Compliance professionals can now more easily review profile changes in the context of the advisor’s entire social presence saving them time and effort. In addition, approved profile content can now be automatically published to LinkedIn and Twitter via API, ensuring that the published profile matches the approved content without requiring extra steps from the financial professional to improve productivity and ensure profile accuracy.

Automated static content verification: Hearsay Social has also added functionality to automatically verify that profiles match what has been approved, eliminating the need to manually review profiles on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Additionally, Hearsay Social has launched functionality to review and approve profile photos so that firms can ensure that the images are appropriate, on-brand, and not misleading.

New review notes and attachments: Social business programs include content sharing that often links to Web pages or third-party content. To address industry regulations, however, firms prefer to keep a record of third-party content with an image or PDF screenshot of the approved content, in case it changes in the future. Hearsay Social now makes it possible to attach images or PDFs of third-party content, such as Web pages, in the review process so that firms have a visual record of content in the archive with context of the activity associated with it.