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    Rare FCPA action puts financial services firms on notice


    Thanks to wayward hedge fund Och-Ziff, the entire finserv world might face an FCPA sweep. Compliance officers, take note. Jaclyn Jaeger reports.

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    Sen. Warren not mad at SEC, just disappointed


    There are some basic certainties in life. Death. Taxes. The fact that "haters gonna hate." And to this list I think we can add that Sen. Elizabeth Warren will be "disappointed" in the SEC.

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    FSOC turns focus to asset management


    Bringing a measure of transparency to its often secretive deliberations, the Financial Stability Oversight Council has released a public update on its review of potential risks to U.S. financial stability. Topping that list, beyond its controversial designations of banks and nonbanks as systemically important, are concerns about asset management products ...

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    Citigroup Affiliates to Pay $180 Million for Hedge Fund Fraud


    Two Citigroup affiliates—Citigroup Global Markets and Citigroup Alternative Investments—today agreed to pay nearly $180 million to the Securities and Exchange Commission to settle charges that they defrauded investors in two hedge funds by claiming they were safe, low-risk, and suitable for traditional bond investors. The funds later crumbled and eventually ...