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    Federal Reserve Board permanently bars former JPMorgan employee


    The Federal Reserve Board permanently barred from the banking industry a former managing director at a non-bank subsidiary of JPMorgan Chase in connection with the bank's referral hiring program.

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    Hiring and the FCPA


    The Credit Suisse FCPA enforcement action reminds us all again that it is not the hiring of family members or close friends of a foreign government official or employee of a state-owned enterprise that is illegal under the FCPA, only those hires made with corrupt intent.

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    Credit Suisse to pay $47M in FCPA fines over hiring practices


    Credit Suisse has become the latest financial institution to pay a penalty—to the tune of $47 million—and enter a non-prosecution agreement with the Department of Justice concerning questionable hiring practices in the Asia Pacific region.

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    Credit Suisse discloses FCPA investigation


    Credit Suisse Group said it has been responding to requests from “certain governmental and regulatory authorities” concerning potential violation of the FCPA regarding its hiring practices in the Asia Pacific region.