Hewlett Packard Enterprise has formed a strategic collaboration with Iron Mountain, a storage and information management services firm, to help organizations automate the application and execution of legal policy against their content and information repositories.

With new capabilities from the combination of Iron Mountain Policy Center solution and HPE Content Manager, organizations can ensure that all of their connected systems are compliant with various regulations, regardless of jurisdiction. This automated retention management solution is part of HPE’s Secure Content Management offering that helps organizations balance the requirements for collaboration and productivity with information security, privacy and compliance across enterprise systems and structured and unstructured content.

Businesses such as pharmaceutical, financial services, oil and gas and manufacturing are struggling to manage, secure, and leverage their information assets effectively, and are under pressure to remain legally compliant with increasingly complex global regulations across multiple jurisdictions. Organizations that fail to implement a secure content management solution to meet ever-changing regulations, risk accidental or malicious data leakages, loss or theft, with the possibility for steep fines, criminal prosecution and loss of trust and reputation.

With the integration of Iron Mountain Policy Center solution and HPE Content Manager, HPE customers can now access a solution that automatically synchronizes their retention policy with up-to-date legal policy, across industry verticals and regional jurisdictions to reduce risk, cost, and complexity.

With pre-packaged policy solutions for industry verticals and regional jurisdictions, this automated retention management solution helps organizations meet regulatory and organizational mandates more simply and cost effectively to reduce risk and improve compliance. They can align the requirements of legal, lines of business, and IT to reduce the complexity and time required to implement an effective solution.

Regardless of how content is created, captured and collaborated on, this integration improves authorized information sharing, optimizes retention and increases productivity by providing software assisted content classification and automating the application of policy. Content is proactively managed according to its business context and associated information security and compliance requirements.

Key enhancements delivered by the HPE Content Manager and Policy Center integration include:


Enhanced user automation: simplifies records classification and management with the automatic synchronization of proprietary Iron Mountain classification categories and retention policy based on the industry’s most comprehensive and accurate domestic and international legal research.

Industry focused solutions: supports legally based retention and disposition recommendations for all general business entities and specific industry verticals such as financial services, insurance, pharmaceuticals, life sciences, oil and gas, energy, and manufacturing.

Synchronized and up-to-date retention policy: as legal requirements change and defensible policy is kept continuously up to date, Iron Mountain Policy Center updates are automatically published to HPE Content Manager and the content under its control.


For more information on HPE Content Manager click here. For more information on Iron Mountain Policy Center, visit here.