A new GDPR Starter Kit by Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Software helps organizations take a critical first step in preparing for the European Union’s looming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This bundled set of software solutions assists organizations to automatically identify, classify, and take action to secure information that falls under this regulation. 

GDPR presents a unique challenge to organizations around the globe, since it applies to any entity that collects or processes EU citizen data, and imposes harsh penalties for those that do not comply by May 2018.

“Getting started may be the greatest challenge for many organizations, as data volumes often number in the billions of objects, timeframes are constrained, and determining what falls within these regulations can be cumbersome and complex,” said Joe Garber, vice president marketing, information management and governance, HPE Software. “The GDPR Starter Kit provides customers with an easily integrated solution set for assessing data, allowing them to take the first step in addressing data and risk management outlined in the regulation.” 

The GDPR Starter kit combines HPE ControlPoint, HPE Structured Data Manager, HPE Content Manager and HPE SecureData in bundled solutions to help customers conduct a personal data assessment and optionally encrypt data that is subject to these regulations.

This unique combination of classification, governance, and data-security products delivers a number of important benefits, including automating assessment of structured and unstructured data, which alleviates a traditionally manual, error-prone process; quickly and cost effectively enable GDPR-responsive data to be encrypted in an automated fashion to mitigate security breaches; and taking a critical step toward lifecycle and retention management to enable compliance with additional GDPR articles and corporate governance requirements.