IBM recently released new incident response capabilities, from its IBM Resilient security portfolio, designed to help clients rehearse, prepare for, and manage the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

GDPR is one of the biggest changes in data privacy law in decades and may require significant changes to the way organizations respond to consumer data breaches. For example, any organization that does business in Europe will have 72 hours to notify the supervising authority and data subject of a breach, or risk being fined €20 million or up to four percent of their global annual turnover.

IBM Security is launching new GDPR capabilities to its Resilient Incident Response platform (IRP) a year ahead of the 2018 deadline to give organizations time to begin preparing and adapting.

New capabilities include:

Resilient GDPR Preparatory Guide: An interactive tool that prescribes step-by-step how you can prepare for GDPR. The guide leverages the flexibility of the Resilient IRP and makes preparation and planning interactive and dynamic. Tasks in the guide can be modified or assigned to more effectively manage the GDPR preparation workflow for the organization, beyond breach notification. The Resilient GDPR Preparatory Guide covers all aspects of preparation and are captured in detail, making it easier to track and document for the future. 

Resilient GDPR Simulation: A new function within the Resilient IRP helps security analysts within an organization rehearse the actions they may need to take if they experience a breach under GDPR, such as practicing for the 72-hour breach requirement, assessing risk of harm, or communicating with the Data Protection Officer (DPO) and Data Protection Authority (DPA). As part of the simulation, analysts assess a risk as high, medium or low, and follow the steps of engaging with a DPA and notifying the consumers whose data was compromised.

Resilient GDPR-Enhanced Privacy Module: IBM Security added GDPR regulations to its global privacy module and will continue to update it so that once GDPR becomes enforceable on May 25, 2018, IBM Resilient clients will have access to the database of GDPR-related guidelines and regulations embedded into an incident response platform. GDPR’s extraterritorial provision means that non-EU-based companies that market to or process the information of EU Data Subjects are also affected.

“GDPR is ushering in some of the most important changes to European data privacy regulations in twenty years, much of it involving policies and documentation that are difficult to improve with technology,” said IBM Resilient CEO John Bruce. “The Resilient Incident Response Platform is designed to help businesses comply with GDPR. It prescribes and can orchestrate people, process and technology in specific responses to data breaches.”