Ideagen—developers of quality, safety, audit, risk, and performance management software—has released the latest version of its financial disclosure checklist software, Pentana Disclose.

The latest version of the software, now in its 4th edition, is a web-based SaaS solution and modernises the user experience, thanks to several new features and capabilities. Pentana Disclose v4 comes complete with the ability to set multiple review levels, offline working, and improved search options. Per-section answering also allows multiple people to work on disclosure at the same time.

Ideagen’s Pentana Disclose provides an efficient way to check disclosures required by accounting standards and legislation needed for entities preparing financial statements. The software provides checklists in accordance with both U.K. and International Disclose requirements, such as Financial Reporting Standard 102, 103, and 105, as well as U.K. GAAP, and more.