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    CECL queues up as next big accounting change in 2019


    The long-awaited new accounting for credit losses, better known as CECL, is moving forward in 2019 unless someone takes definitive action to delay or alter it.

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    SEC will watch for SAB 74 disclosure leading to CECL


    The SEC will be looking for increasingly detailed disclosures to investors about the expected effects of moving to a new method for recognizing credit losses.

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    KPMG, SAS alliance helps banks prepare for CECL


    KPMG recently announced an alliance with SAS to help banks transition to a new accounting standard—current expected credit loss (CECL)—which will drastically change how financial institutions estimate, reserve, and report on losses.

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    Is IFRS 9 shaking up U.S. activity to adopt CECL?


    Accounting activity at publicly held financial institutions apparently is picking up to prepare for new requirements for the recognition of loan losses.

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    Financial Instruments Rule May Challenge Banks


    Image: Danièle Nouy, supervisory chief of the European Central Bank, spoke recently about a new accounting standard for financial instruments that may prove challenging to the banking sector. “The completion of this accounting standard as one of the responses to the financial crisis will bring major changes and challenges to ...

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    IASB Issues New Rules on Financial Instruments; FASB Readies Different Approach


    Companies following international accounting rules have a new standard on how to account for financial instruments, and it differs in a number of important ways from the standard that is expected to emerge in the United States by the end of the year.The International Accounting Standards Board finalized its comprehensive ...