Incisive Software has added automated detection capabilities to its spreadsheet management technology, Xcellerator, that locate hidden and misrepresented data within spreadsheets, making it easier for companies to detect fraud.

This update also delivers additional performance improvements that significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to scan spreadsheets for risk. Xcellerator combines powerful error detection with investigative capabilities allowing users to comprehensively analyze spreadsheets.

New capabilities include:

Discovery of hidden cells by height/width. Whether intentionally hidden to commit fraud or an innocent fat finger error during formatting, it identifies rows and/or columns that are significantly reduced in size.

Hidden data in merged cells. Monitors merged cell activity to ensure data is not accidentally or intentionally hidden. 

Proactive identification of numeric data. Prevents intentional or accidental misrepresentation of something that appears to be a number when it is actually formatted as text.

Reduced time to scan and compare. Performance improvements significantly shorten the time it takes to scan and compare spreadsheets for risks.

Sheet selection. Similar to a print feature, users can now select the Excel sheets they want to scan. Efficiency and risk concerns can be quickly addressed by allowing users to select those sheets that pose the most risk.

Support for Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 2016. Ensures technology remains current when organizations are ready to update their systems.

“Whether intentional or accidental, hidden data is one of the biggest dangers when working in Excel. While something may be hidden from view, it cannot be hidden from calculations,” said Diane Robinette, CEO of Incisive. “By expanding the capabilities of Incisive’s spreadsheet management technology, we are making it harder to hide data, thus, significantly reducing risk and exposure for our customers.”