Informatica, an enterprise cloud data management provider, has announced the launch of Informatica Data Governance & Compliance for GDPR, the industry’s first governance solution designed specifically to support customers on their journey to GDPR compliance.

In May 2018, the European Union’s GDPR becomes effective, enhancing protection of personal data. This regulation could have significant impact for organizations and how they manage data pertaining to customers, consumers, partners, staff and other ‘data subjects’ with some potentially large penalties for violations.

Informatica Data Governance & Compliance is the only solution available that engages the business, IT and data security teams in governing data of all types—cloud, on-premises, and big data anywhere—across the entire enterprise to help customers with GDPR compliance efforts.

Informatica Data Governance & Compliance is delivered as part of the Informatica Intelligent Data Platform, Informatica’s metadata and artificial intelligence-driven platform that spans on-premises, cloud and big data. This ensures data is trusted, secure, governed, accessible, timely, relevant and actionable, enabling the world’s best companies to deliver data-driven digital transformation outcomes.

Informatica Data Governance & Compliance for GDPR is comprised of an integrated set of innovative, intelligent products that are all recognized leaders in their respective spaces.

To implement a comprehensive GDPR program, companies need to discover, assess and govern their in-scope data. Informatica helps organizations do this with:

Informatica Secure@Source discovers, assesses, analyzes, and visually maps in-scope sensitive data wherever it resides, detects and scores potential risk, and orchestrates remediation across sensitive structured and unstructured data stores across the enterprise.

Informatica Axon defines and governs in-scope data by engaging all constituencies, technical and business, from data owners to the chief data officer, to effectively govern an organization’s data and encourage collaboration. This holistic enterprise-wide view of in-scope data for GDPR compliance is integral to optimally managing data assets.

Informatica Enterprise Information Catalog provides a machine learning-based engine that automatically scans and catalogs data assets across the enterprise, and indexes them for enterprise-wide discovery for the foundation of supporting GDPR initiatives.

Specific benefits of Informatica Data Governance and Compliance include the ability to:

Address the full spectrum of data governance requirements with an integrated, intelligent, highly automated solution;

Drive collaboration between business and technical staff to meet governance goals;

Govern data for any use case, user and deployment type, including cloud, on-premises, hybrid and Big Data environments;

Quickly spot, monitor, and protect sensitive data across all data types;

Visibility to sensitive data risks and detection of anomalous activities using machine learning and quickly act on them;

Introduce automation into data masking to reduce risk of personal data exposure and help ensure that personal data is not proliferated without suitable protection; and

Reduce risk with a single view of data subjects and manage consent.