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    New IIA data tallies political pressure on internal auditors


    Tammy Whitehouse has the results of a new report from the Internal Audit Foundation that says one in four practitioners around the world face pressure to suppress or change audit findings.

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    IIA Offers Latest Intelligence on Outsourcing Functions


    As talent and staffing challenges persist for the internal audit profession, 43 percent of public companies other than those in financial services reached outside the organization for help, according to the latest data from the Institute of Internal Auditors. Financial institutions, public and private alike, make the greatest use of ...

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    New IIA Framework Pushes Audit Executives to Think Forward


    Image: The Institute of Internal Auditors has unveiled its new professional practices framework, guidance intended to drive auditors to think more critically about risk management and organizational improvement. “It’s about making sure we understand the changes taking place in business and learning to use those to our advantage,” says Larry ...

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    Internal Auditors Get Revised Global Framework to Govern Practice


    Image: The Institute of Internal Auditors has unveiled the latest enhancements to its nearly 70-year-old framework that governs the internal audit profession globally. Larry Harrington, senior vice chairman of the IIA’s global board, says the updates are intended to strengthen the position of internal audit as a key player in ...

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    IIA Proposes Updates to Professional Practices Framework


    Image: The Institute of Internal Auditors is reworking its International Professional Practices Framework, including the addition of a mission statement, core principles, and guidance for emerging issues. “After months of careful consideration, we are proposing enhancements we believe make the IPPF more reflective of the profession’s core principles and mission,” ...