Bloomberg BNA's report, Insurance Exchanges – Expert Perspectives Help You Prepare, includes exclusive practitioner perspectives and analysis to help navigate the complex healthcare exchanges landscape, specifically as it relates to insurers, providers, hospitals, and fraud risks for all three.

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Assess the benefits and risks for insurance companies to participate in the insurance exchanges and how varying state rules affect these decisions.

Learn how hospitals can prepare for insurance exchanges by improving health information technology and understand the implications for hospitals in states not expanding Medicaid.

Understand the role of Office of the Inspector General (OIG) with regard to insurance exchanges and where enforcement actions will initially focus.

In a series of interviews, hospital representatives, consultants, and other stakeholders told Bloomberg BNA that while it is still unclear exactly how health marketplaces will come together, there are steps insurance companies and hospitals alike should be taking to prepare.

This report compiles Bloomberg BNA's exclusive editorial research and insights from several healthcare experts to piece together the new enforcement world awaiting the healthcare industry, as well as what can be done to minimize risk. Download the report now.