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    SEC wants updated reporting for life insurance contracts


    Firms offering variable annuities and variable life insurance contracts could soon face new disclosure requirements. Changes proposed by the SEC would permit the use of a summary prospectus to provide disclosures to investors.

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    FASB finalizes new standard on insurance contracts


    FASB has issued a new accounting standard that revises the reporting around long-duration contracts for insurance companies.

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    IASB issues big change in accounting for insurance contracts


    The IASB has issued new standard on how to account for insurance contracts, considered among the most significant changes ever made to international accounting rules.

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    UK General Insurance names chief risk officer


    UK General Insurance has appointed Jane Bean as its new chief risk officer. She will join the Leeds-based personal lines insurer on 15th May and report to managing director Karen Beales.

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    FASB plans pause before digging into big new rules


    After issuing some huge changes to accounting standards, FASB will keep the current work load or corporate accounting offices in mind before taking on big new projects.

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    FASB pushes change to accounting for long-duration insurance


    FASB has proposed a big change in accounting for insurance companies that deal in long-duration contracts like life insurance, annuities, disability, and long-term care. Tammy Whitehouse reports.

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    Insurers Brace for International Capital Standards


    The International Association of Insurance Supervisors seeks to impose new capital standards upon systemically important insurance companies, echoing mandates from the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision. The effort has irked the Financial Services Roundtable, which is urging U.S. regulators to oppose it. Who enforces any new standards is also unclear. ...

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    IMF: Regulators Must Focus on Mutual Funds, Insurance Companies


    The thesis of a new report from the International Monetary Fund is hardly shocking. Despite progress, the U.S. must finish the work begun on financial reforms, it concludes. More telling is an assessment of what new areas systemic risk has bubbled into and how regulators should respond. Greater attention ...

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    Insurers Feel Fresh Heat on Cyber-Security Practices


    Image: New York plan to bolster cyber-security oversight in the insurance sector, including regular, targeted assessments of cyber-security as part of its exam process. “Recent cyber-security breaches should serve as a stern wake-up call for insurers and other financial institutions to strengthen their cyber-defenses,” said New York Department of Financial ...