The Insured Retirement Institute (IRI), an association for the retirement income industry, has announced a new partnership with Gainfully, a first-of-its-kind open marketing platform for the financial services industry. Through the partnership, financial advisors can now leverage the Gainfully platform to share relevant and timely content with their clients using social media in an SEC and FINRA-compliant environment.

“Social media has quickly become one of the most indispensable branding tools for professionals across all industries, but industry-specific communication regulations and compliance issues are creating challenges that are impeding financial professionals from benefiting from it,” IRI CEO Cathy Weatherford said in a statement. “Gainfully is specifically designed to address the social networking and communication needs of the retirement income industry. Our member companies and financial advisors can easily adopt Gainfully’s sophisticated content development, compliance management, and reporting platform to engage with clients and grow their businesses.”

The Gainfully platform enables insurers and asset managers to make branded content available to financial advisors. Meanwhile, broker-dealers can easily supervise what content is approved for their financial professionals to share. Since launching in 2015, Gainfully has served thousands of financial professionals, published over 30,000 compliant social media posts, and enabled dozens of broker-dealers to supervise registered representatives.