Integris Software, a privacy intelligence software provider, emerged out of stealth mode by unveiling its new privacy software solution for global enterprises.

This new software gives organizations the ability to meet the most rigid of compliance and global regulatory mandates with the ability to visualize where all personal information is located across the enterprise, prove adherence to regulatory standards, and empower strategic decision-making.

Specifically, the startup’s platform aims to aid organizations in the following ways:

Meet the most rigid global compliance and regulatory mandates like GDPR;

Visualize where all data is located across the enterprise;

Understand and apply necessary context to all data housed by an organization; and

Empower strategic decision making amongst internal privacy teams.

“Emerging data privacy regulations, like the General Data Protection Regulation and ePrivacy, carry severe financial and reputational risks. They’ve raised the stakes for multinational organizations to ensure that their systems are maintaining compliance,” said Integris CEO Kristina Bergman. “Our software is designed to take the complexity out of understanding how your data practices impact your ability to comply with regulations and contractual obligations. With our PI Dashboard, privacy professionals are empowered with the information they need to drive strategic decision-making across their businesses.”