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    In an era of reduced regulation, let’s not forget corporate integrity


    Just because companies might face fewer rules doesn’t mean they have any less obligation to behave with ethical integrity, writes Exiger’s Daniel Alonso.

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    The cost of integrity


    Image: At the Global Ethics Summit, GE General Counsel and SVP Alex Dimitrief talked about what it means to promote a culture of integrity and the true costs of ethical lapses. When a business goes astray, it’s not a call for added workflows or approvals, he said. It’s a sign ...

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    More Disclosures Needed From Public Officials, Says OECD


    Image: The pursuit of good governance is never easy. According to a recent Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development survey, inadequate disclosures, lack of whistleblower protection laws, and  concerns about integrity have caused many citizens of advanced countries to lose trust in national governments. More inside.