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    CAQ Reminds Auditors of Hot-Button Audit Issues


    Image: A new Center for Audit Quality alert highlights issues that auditors will need to pay special attention to in the year-end review, such as revenue recognition, related-party transactions, and more. “This alert summarizes potential areas of risk and can be a useful resource for our auditing firm members as ...

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    Compliance Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow


    Image: Planning for the Compliance Week 2015 conference is well underway. We’re particularly excited for next year’s event because it will be our 10th anniversary, and hitting that 10-year milestone has put us in a reflective mood here. So as Compliance Week puts together the agenda, we’ve been asking ourselves: ...

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    Effective ICFR? The Citigroup Example


    Earlier this year, Citigroup received a comment letter from the SEC asking about the effectiveness of its internal control over financial reporting, given the discovery of fraud in its Banamex division in Mexico. In this guest post, Audit Analytics examines the issues raised by the SEC, how Citi responded, and ...

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    GAO Faults SEC for Internal Control Deficiencies


    The message from the Government Accountability Office to the Securities and Exchange Commission: practice what you preach. A new, 176-page report from the government watchdog faults the agency for “a significant deficiency" in internal controls for its Investor Protection Fund.

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    FCPA Takeaways in Layne Christensen


    Image: Layne Christensen Co. joined the FCPA enforcement hall of shame this week; it was fined $5.1 million for various bribery infractions in Africa in the 2000s. Its aggressive investigation efforts won praise from regulators, but the root of the company’s problem—weak internal control over financial reporting—is still the far ...

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    McGladrey Sees Improvement in 2013 Inspection Report


    Oct. 24—While KPMG was dinged by the PCAOB, McGladrey saw some improvement. The PCAOB studied 13 audits at McGladrey and found fault with four of them during its 2013 inspections of the firm. That deficiency rate of 31 percent is a step up from failure rates of 44 percent in ...

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    KPMG Draws Ire in 2013 Report; New Carping Over Old Quality Issues


    The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board says KPMG failed to arrive at an adequately supported audit opinion in 46 percent of the audits the agency inspected in 2013, and it failed to satisfy quality control issues raised in earlier inspections. The PCAOB flagged 23 of the 50 audits that inspectors ...