TicketManager, a SaaS provider in the ticket enablement and management market, has a new corporate identity: InviteManager.

The SaaS solution enables companies to easily manage all their entertainment assets—from tickets to invitations to customer gatherings to custom experiences to at-event upgrades to analytics—all in one place. "Whether it's distributing tickets or invitations, making dinner reservations, or determining the return on investment of a VIP event, InviteManager makes client entertainment easy to handle and effective in driving revenue," InviteManager CEO Tony Knopp said in a statement.

IM's one-click functionality includes: 

Flexibility: IM adapts to companies' individual workflows and approval processes.

Integration: IM integrates fully with leading platforms, such as Salesforce, Concur, Outlook and Eventbrite.

Mobile: Companies can view and manage client entertainment from Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows devices.

Invite Allocation: Users can send invitations and maintain full control over who sees and uses them.  They can also allocate invites by region, business line or custom rules.

Real-time ROI: IM provides over 200 on-demand reports to better understand and optimize client events and deliver ROI.

Whether you're a salesperson looking to take a potential customer to an event, or a C-level executive trying to understand the ROI in taking customers to events, IM not only identifies the right opportunities for the right prospects, but also provides methods to measure effectiveness of client entertainment assets across the board.