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    IRS winds down voluntary disclosure, ramps up investigations


    Just as the IRS bolsters its international enforcement capabilities and activities, it is also phasing out its voluntary disclosure program.

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    Dems want to end to federally-funded, private debt collection agencies


    A team of Senate Democrats have filed legislation that would repeal authority from the Internal Revenue Service to contract with private collection agencies to collect unpaid taxes.

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    IRS prepares to assess penalties under Obamacare


    With Obamacare still intact, the IRS plans to begin assessing penalties on companies that failed to meet their obligation to provide coverage to employees.

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    ACA filing deadlines still loom amid reform debate


    Companies that choose not to comply with Obamacare tax filing regulations, hoping for a repeal of the law instead, are playing with fire, experts say.

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    IRS campaigns point to new tax risks for public companies


    Companies need to take a fresh look at their biggest tax risks to ensure they can withstand a new kind of scrutiny, both in tax filings and in financial statements. Tammy Whitehouse reports.

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    IRS identifies 13 "campaigns" for tighter compliance scrutiny


    The IRS has issued guidance giving large business taxpayers some insight into which parts of their tax filings will get the greatest scrutiny going forward.

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    Treasury’s efforts to overturn long-standing tax law creates massive compliance headache


    The federal government is trying to close a $40B tax loophole big enough to completely fund NASA twice every single year. But the way it’s doing it is causing some major corporate pushback. Tammy Whitehouse reports.

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    U.S. multinationals meet new IRS transparency rule with open arms


    You’d think that U.S. multinational companies might not welcome new IRS regulations, but here's one companies can live with. In lieu of potentially multiple filing requirements in countries where they have entities, companies are accepting new country-by-country transparency rules in the United States and preparing to comply. Tammy Whitehouse has ...

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    U.S. Treasury Proposes Country-by-Country Tax Reporting


    The U.S. Treasury Department has issued proposed regulations that would require the ultimate parent entity of multinational enterprises to report tax info to Treasury annually on a country-by-country basis. Companies would be required to provide information related to the multinational entity’s income and taxes paid in each tax jurisdiction along ...

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    What the FBI Brings to an FCPA Investigation


    Image: Many of the agencies that investigate Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations are the ones you don’t hear about. They stand apart from the Justice Department, discreetly waiting to leap on the next FCPA violator that crosses their path. The best example is the FBI. “The FBI historically has been ...

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    Taxing Times Ahead on Revenue Standard


    Among the many issues companies must address as they adopt the new revenue recognition standard, tax consequences are gaining more attention. The IRS is seeking comment on how burdensome tax reporting might become, and the standard’s fundamental shift in recognizing revenue could make the burden quite heavy. “There’s a lot ...

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    IRS Ponders Tax Issues of New Revenue Recognition Rules


    The Internal Revenue Service is asking for comments on how the new revenue recognition accounting standards will affect tax reporting. Tax rules require companies to secure permission from the IRS if they are making accounting method changes for federal income tax purposes, so the agency is now growing concerned over ...

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    Credit Suisse to Pay $2.6 Billion in Tax Plea Deal


    Switzerland-based Credit Suisse was sentenced today for conspiracy to aid and assist U.S. taxpayers in filing false income tax returns and other documents with the Internal Revenue Service. It will pay $2.6 billion to state and federal agencies—$1.1 billion to the Department of Justice and $666.5 million in restitution to ...

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    IRS Pays Attention to Corporate Filings, Study Shows


    Internal Revenue Service examiners are accessing publicly available information on risky tax positions, including such financial statement line items as uncertain tax positions. Companies are taking note of IRS interest in their tax information and are getting more forthright as a result. More details inside.

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    OECD Completes FATCA-Like Regime With More Reporting Obligations


    Image: Title: PlowgianThe Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development has finished the Common Reporting Standard to govern the exchange of tax information among more than 50 countries. While the United States is not a participant, says KPMG principal Michael Plowgian, subsidiaries or branches of U.S. entities will need to comply ...