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    ISACA issues COBIT 2019 to help reboot IT governance


    ISACA has updated its COBIT framework and issued some accompanying guidance to help companies refresh their information and technology governance.

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    ‘Totally Shambolic’ IT migration


    TSB bank, formerly Britain’s most recommended high street bank, has fallen into disgrace, primarily for recent noteworthy mishaps surrounding a technology migration.

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    2018’s internal audit agenda: culture, technology, and change


    Internal audit plans for the coming year will reflect more consideration of corporate culture and the risks it might pose to the company’s success.

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    Can inline XBRL save XBRL, or at least improve data quality?


    Slow progress in shifting financial statement data to the digital realm may be getting a boost, but the clock is ticking for proponents to show the real benefits of XBRL.

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    e-Discovery Missteps From the Judge’s Point of View


    Image: If you fear that your e-Discovery processes are not strong, take heart: Lots of federal judges agree with you. A recent survey of judges and a follow-up webcast spotlight the mistakes in e-Discovery as seen from the bench, and methods to avoid them. “The whole point is to come ...

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    Planning Ahead to Manage M&A Due Diligence


    Image: Lots of mergers look great on paper. In the real world, however, integrating corporate IT systems can not only be a headache for the IT department; core business functions can be compromised—including financial reporting or other tasks crucial to effective corporate compliance. “Smart companies are ready to start integrating ...