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    NLRB proposes change to joint-employer standard


    On Friday, the National Labor Relations Board will publish a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking in the Federal Register regarding its joint-employer standard, a policy that will particularly affect franchise owners.

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    Ethics lapse forces NLRB Board to vacate joint employee standards


    The National Labor Relations Board, recently abating the longstanding confusion over who is designated as a joint employer and why, is right back at the drawing board with an administrative move that puts the old Browning-Ferris standard for joint employment back into effect.

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    House bill seeking clarity on joint employer standard passes


    The House of Representatives, by a vote of 242-181, approved a bill that seeks to overturn an Obama administration NLRB ruling that redefined longstanding policies regarding joint employer status.

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    Franchise owners pressure Congress on joint employer standard


    Franchise business owners from 19 states have joined forces to demand clarity on joint employee status, fearing that federal, state, and judicial interpretations may differ. In letters to Congress, they also demand the passage of legislation to provide related assurances.

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    Companies applaud NLRB's retreat from 'joint employer' guidance


    The Department of Labor has withdrawn one of its most controversial actions of the Obama Administration, guidance that made many companies responsible for labor violations committed by independent franchisees and third parties.

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    OSHA Enforcement Trends to Watch in 2016


    The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is raising the stakes for companies that fail to provide safe workplaces. One development affecting CCOs in the coming year would dramatically increase penalties and emphasize who qualifies as an “employer.” “Every employer should be terrified of OSHA right now,” says Valerie Butera of ...