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    Former JPMorgan compliance exec settles with bank over SOX whistleblower suit


    Shaquala Williams, a compliance executive who sued JPMorgan Chase after she said she was fired for blowing the whistle on deficiencies in the bank’s anti-money laundering compliance program, agreed to settle her case.

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    JPMorgan, UBS among 3 fined by SEC over ID theft programs


    The Securities and Exchange Commission separately settled charges with three financial institutions that each allegedly failed to provide reasonable policies and procedures to identify relevant red flags of customer identity theft.

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    Federal Reserve Board permanently bars former JPMorgan employee


    The Federal Reserve Board permanently barred from the banking industry a former managing director at a non-bank subsidiary of JPMorgan Chase in connection with the bank's referral hiring program.

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    Who Is the Most Systemic of Them All? JP Morgan


    Which large U.S. bank would cause the most collateral damage if it were to fail? JP Morgan, according to a new report from the Treasury Department. The report tried to quantify just how much systemic risk exists in banks designated as “Systemically Important Financial Institutions,” and JP Morgan topped the ...

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    JP Morgan Outlines Compliance Overhaul


    JP Morgan, the Wall Street bank that has racked up more than $23 billion in regulatory fines since the financial crisis, has released a 100-page report detailing its efforts to improve compliance, culture, and internal controls. The report, “How We Do Business,” was in response to pressure from shareholder activists ...