K2 Intelligence, a cyber defense, investigative, and compliance services firm, and BitVoyant, a cyber intelligence services company, has announced a new partnership to co-develop cyber-derived business intelligence products and defense services based on massive proprietary cyber datasets.

K2 Intelligence will integrate BitVoyant’s expansive datasets to provide defensive cyber products and services.  These products and services will deliver the ability to map multiple layers of risk across an enterprise, its vendors and partners; advise clients requiring cyber M&A due diligence; and help to inform cyber insurance underwriting. 

BitVoyant has been transitioning their sensitive technologies from the government world to the private sector under the leadership of BitVoyant CEO Jared Novick.  BitVoyant’s data sources and global capabilities obtain network information passively from outside company firewalls to derive valuable knowledge. BitVoyant’s current clients benefit from its wholly-owned proprietary data libraries derived from its global sensor grid.

“The partnership applies information not previously available to the commercial market.  It will allow us to harvest the potential of this data, and deliver value alongside the gold standard in corporate investigations,” Novick said in a statement.

The K2 Intelligence team of cyber defense experts is comprised of former law enforcement and intelligence professionals with experience managing the most sophisticated and noteworthy investigations. Their competitive advantage is their competence to provide a holistic capability aimed at creating a robust cyber security posture, respond to threats in near real-time, and proactively defend the network.