Engineering and construction company KBR confirmed in a quarterly report last week that it’s been contacted by the Department of Justice in connection with the massive media-leaked bribery and corruption scandal surrounding Monaco-based Unaoil.

A special report published in April by Fairfax Media and The Huffington Post exposed an extensive global web of bribery and corruption, in which high-ranking bureaucrats and politicians awarded billions of dollars in government contracts in exchange for bribes paid on behalf of some of the world’s largest companies, including KBR. Citing leaked documents, The Huffington Post reported that KBR “hired Unaoil to help it win oil and gas contracts in Kazakhstan.”

It was also reported that the Justice Department is conducting an investigation of Unaoil related to the information reported in these news articles, which KBR confirmed in a Form 10-Q for the quarterly period ending March 31. KBR said that it is “cooperating with its requests for information.”