To help organizations meet their compliance reporting needs, Knowledge Vault, a cloud-based auditing, reporting, and management platform, this week announced the addition of several compliance reporting packs on data access, security modifications, logon behaviors and other activities.

Organizations that are governed by compliance mandates—such as GLBA, PCI, NIST, SOX, and HIPAA—are turning to automated information monitoring systems to ensure effective information security control and reporting, including Office 365 and cloud environments. Knowledge Vault provides deep visibility, automated delivery, and easy-to-view pre-configured compliance reports that provide a unique, detailed view of the changes and activities taking place in the Office 365 environment. In total, more than 100 pre-configured compliance reports have been added to the software suite.

Knowledge Vault provides built-in compliance reporting packs. Detailed reports track user actions and data access, as well as security modifications that are required to meet various compliance requirements. Categorized reports provide administrators with a reporting mechanism that lowers costs by meeting or exceeding compliance objectives, improves operational efficiencies and results in greater IT productivity.

Microsoft Exchange Online audit trails not enough. Exchange Online’s built-in audit trails include details of non-owner access to mailboxes and administrator actions other than mailbox access, but are purged from the online environment every 90 days, leaving many organizations vulnerable and open to legal ramifications. Because some compliance mandates can require organizations to review access and log data from years ago, Knowledge Vault has implemented a Big Data architecture to enable a robust reporting library that supports years of online audit reporting, delta analysis and fine-grained forensics.

Extended support for Microsoft Lync Online. Lync connects people everywhere as part of their everyday productivity experience. Knowledge Vault provides immediate access to a library of powerful Lync reports that can be viewed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis or can be delivered directly to a designated inbox, providing administrators with metrics on adoption rate, usage trends, active users, peer-to-peer minutes and more.