Recently incubated Lacework, a newly established provider of cloud workload security solutions, launched out of stealth mode with the introduction of Lacework Polygraph, the industry’s first zero-touch cloud workload security platform that instantly detects breaches, manages insider threats, delivers insights into workloads, and offers graphical investigation tools for public, private, and hybrid cloud workloads. With Polygraph, Lacework eliminates the reliance on labor-intensive policy and rule development and time-consuming log correlation activities that characterize today’s alternatives.

Unlike other solutions on the market today, Lacework Polygraph was developed to provide a complete picture of the entire cyber kill chain for end-to-end visibility so security professionals can connect and visualize elements of an attack or insider threat to respond more quickly and effectively. Complex cloud datacenter architectures typically feature thousands of similar machines, processes, users, containers, applications and their activity. Lacework Polygraph reduces redundant events and notifications by automatically distilling these entities into a handful of analysis groups based on behavior.

“With Lacework Polygraph, anomalies are detected hourly and can aid in breach notifications much quicker,” said Stan Leong, R&D leader at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures Practice. “Low false positives coupled with actionable alerts can also aid in timely investigations without policies, rules, or logs.”

Lacework Polygraph reveals hidden component relationships and interactions for faster breach remediation and insights, presented in a powerful and intuitive visual interface that makes it easy to explore and drill down into workloads for security and data-center operations. The platform supports a wide variety of security and operations tasks, from breach detection and insider threat management to forensics analysis and DevSecOps analytics. Without Lacework Polygraph, multiple products are required to perform each of these tasks.