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    Top ethics and compliance failures of 2022


    Businesses not taking AML requirements seriously, years of noncompliant off-channel communications catching up to financial services titans, and a manufacturing firm that shared revenue with terrorists comprise CW’s list of the biggest ethics and compliance fails of 2022.

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    Lafarge to pay $778M for supporting terrorist groups ISIS, ANF in Syria


    French multinational building products company Lafarge pleaded guilty to providing material support and resources to two U.S.-designated foreign terrorist groups in Syria, representing the Department of Justice’s first corporate material support for terrorism prosecution.

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    Court rules Lafarge to face crimes against humanity charges


    A French court ruled Lafarge should face charges of complicity in crimes against humanity after its subsidiary allegedly paid up to €13 million (U.S. $14 million) to armed groups—including the Islamic State—to keep its Syrian cement factory running between 2012-14.

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    Cement, compliance, and crimes against humanity in Syria


    Multinational cement company Lafarge’s alleged collusion with ISIS to keep a Syrian plant operational would have made it complicit in crimes against humanity.