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    Kobe Steel: “We are extremely sorry for our improper conduct”


    The biggest question surrounding the recent scandal at Kobe Steel is: If you have all the right systems in place—culture of compliance, proper regulations, good quality control, and more—but admit you’ve largely ignored them, how do you convince customers and investors going forward that you’re ready to comply?

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    How you reimburse mobile workers could put you at risk for a lawsuit


    Regulatory trends and potential lawsuits demand that employers come up with a better way of reimbursing their mobile workers exactly what is owed and proving what was paid.

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    Blind moviegoers file suit for being left in the dark


    It’s the kind of legal case that causes groans across social media these days: a group of blind moviegoers sue AMC theatres for discrimination because it failed to accommodate the moviegoers’ special needs. On the surface, the lawsuit might seem ridiculous, but when you take a closer look, there is ...

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    New U.K. Law Introduces U.S.-Style Class Actions


    Image: A change in British law is bringing American-style class-action lawsuits in cases where companies violate competition laws—something U.S. companies operating in Britain should keep in mind when implementing strategies to reduce antitrust risks. “It’s anticipated that there will be a lot more litigation in English courts going forward because ...

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    Cleaning Up FCPA Cases That Spill Into Litigation


    Image: Companies under investigation for possible violations of the FCPA have more than enforcement action to worry about; they must be prepared to fend off shareholder lawsuits as well. That requires some careful strategy about how to investigate FCPA allegations and document them. “I can’t tell you how often I ...