LightCyber, a provider of Behavioral Attack Detection solutions, has launched new tools that equip enterprises to meet increasing board demands for security accountability and compliance with internal and industry regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

LightCyber also introduced updated metrics from customer production systems and an online calculator so that prospective customers can quickly and easily assess current operational efficiency and the gains that they will receive from a LightCyber Magna deployment.

Boards, executives, and other oversight groups are increasingly demanding definitive reports from their IT organizations that attests that the enterprise network is free from active attackers—either malicious insiders or targeted external attackers. The new Security Assurance report from LightCyber Magna demonstrates the summary status of attack behavior and can demonstrate when all anomalous attack behaviors are resolved or remediated. The report serves as an important component for security accountability in an age when most attacks can only be detected after the damage is done.

The new LightCyber Security Operations Center (SOC) OPEX Calculator helps quantify the accuracy and efficiency of security tools and their impact on security teams. It is based upon accuracy and efficiency metrics data aggregated and anonymized from customer production deployments.

In the period from July 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016, LightCyber customers achieved a mean efficiency of 0.9 alerts per 1,000 endpoints per day. For example, a company with 5,000 endpoints would expect to receive 4.5 total alerts per day from LightCyber Magna. The mean accuracy reported for LightCyber customers is 99% for confirmed alerts and 61% percent for all alerts, which is a measure of the alerts usefulness according to user classification.

The Security Assurance report is available now, and the SOC OPEX Calculator is now live on the LightCyber website and freely available for anyone to use.  Take the SOC OPEX assessment using the online calculator today.