Lockpath, a provider of integrated risk management solutions, and Digital Shadows, a digital risk management and relevant threat intelligence provider, today announced a new partnership to strengthen how organizations manage and mitigate risk.

The product integration being developed between Lockpath’s Keylight Platform and Digital Shadows SearchLight service will enhance the customer’s ability to monitor, manage and remediate digital risk. In addition to the technology integration, the partnership is also strategic in nature, as Digital Shadow's global footprint and European presence align with Lockpath's entry into the European market.

Digital Shadows SearchLight service provides relevant risk intelligence for today's increasingly digital and connected enterprise. With the planned product integration between the two companies, these risks will be correlated in Keylight and shared with the appropriate stakeholders to foster a more accurate view of security, compliance and risk management profiles, which will enable customers to make better decisions faster. This integration will be available through Lockpath in the third quarter of 2018.

Digital Shadows SearchLight combines scalable data analytics with human data analysts to manage and mitigate risks of an organization’s brand exposure, VIP exposure, cyber-threat, data exposure, infrastructure exposure, physical threat, and third-party risk.

Lockpath’s integrated risk management solution, Keylight, equips users to manage risk from the endpoint to the enterprise. Keylight brings visibility to risks frequently managed in disparate sources. The platform aggregates internal data points from all corners of the organization, as well as from assessments, audits, authoritative sources, and external systems. Integrating, correlating and connecting both solutions enables smarter business decision-making.