LockPath, a provider of governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) solutions, is providing additional functionality for its multinational enterprise customers with Version 4.3 of its Keylight GRC platform, through a multilingual user interface and increased flexibility and performance.

Conducting business internationally or in multiple languages increases the complexity of compliance and the likelihood of business disruption as partners and locations multiply. Companies need to make operational decisions in real time, and cannot afford to have a language barrier slowing their ability to change as IT, risk or vendor conditions change. Furthermore, a lack of clear understanding of data can increase compliance and operational risk. This globalization of business has led LockPath to break down language barriers in its latest release.

“To achieve a holistic GRC strategy, multinational companies must document and analyze information from all parts of the organization including overseas operations and relationships,” said Chris Goodwin, CTO and co-founder of LockPath. “By lessening the impact of language barriers, Keylight’s new multilingual capability helps customers foster big picture risk management and compliance data, regardless of geographic locale or native language.”

Keylight’s multilingual functionality extends the platform's capability to support more than 100 languages. From vendor assessments, to better insight into global operations, Keylight’s multilingual capability helps the modern, globalized company manage compliance and risk more efficiently while minimizing the risks of language barriers that hinder data sharing between offices, business partners and suppliers.

Additional 4.3 platform updates increase Keylight’s speed, performance, scalability and integration capabilities. Users will benefit from faster response times of drop-down values on edit pages, as well as faster responding dynamic pages, thanks to a new layout cache. Keylight’s LDAP processing was also overhauled to support faster synchronization times. Workflow functionality, including routing criteria and notification targets, has been expanded to provide greater flexibility.