Lockpath, a provider of integrated risk management solutions, announced the availability of two new product offerings to help companies of any size address risk.

The offerings, Keylight Team Edition and Keylight Standard, give small and midsize businesses (SMBs) and small enterprises the ability to intuitively and cost effectively create an integrated risk management program without the need for extensive configurations or customization.

Released on Oct. 10, the editions are streamlined and pre-configured versions of Lockpath’s enterprise governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) platform, Keylight. The new Team and Standard offerings replace the need for narrowly focused point solutions that address a specific risk or compliance need by centralizing documentation and risk data, creating relationships between the information and putting risks into context of the business. Keylight Team Edition assists SMBs looking to move away from using traditional office management tools, such as spreadsheets and e-mail, to manage processes for policy and compliance management, third parties, risk exceptions, and preparing for audits.

In addition to the Team Edition offerings, Keylight Standard provides enhanced reporting and addresses IT risk and vulnerability management, incident and issues management and business continuity planning. Lockpath will continue to offer their flagship solution, Keylight, which is now available as Keylight Enterprise. All three editions leverage Lockpath’s Keylight Platform, which allows companies to scale their solution to accommodate program growth, and seamlessly upgrade to the next edition without losing time or work if program needs change.

Lockpath is offering a 14-day free trial of Keylight Team Edition so companies can experience Keylight first-hand.