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  • Swedbank

    Former Swedbank CEO Birgitte Bonnesen charged with fraud


    The Swedish Economic Crime Authority announced charges against Birgitte Bonnesen, Swedbank’s former chief executive officer, for fraud and market manipulation regarding the bank’s money laundering scandal.

  • HSBC

    HSBC, Credit Suisse, Barclays, NatWest fined $389M total for currency cartel scheme


    The European Commission fined HSBC, Credit Suisse, Barclays, and NatWest a total of €344 million (U.S. $389 million) for their participation in a trader-driven scheme to manipulate the foreign exchange spot market. UBS was not fined after first reporting the scheme.

  • GameStop stocks

    Compliance lessons from GameStop market insanity


    Wall Street has been consumed this week watching a real-time battle unfold between retail investors and hedge funds over formerly moribund stocks like GameStop, AMC Entertainment, and BlackBerry. The compliance lessons lie in the levels of risk.

  • Lefort_opinion

    A risk management perspective on GameStop stock surge


    Actions taken by Robinhood and TD Ameritrade amid the crazy GameStop stock surge can be understood from the perspective of risk management, but who’s watching out for the retail investors? That’s where the real risks lie.

  • Blog

    To release or not to release inside information, that is the timing


    The FCA Market Abuse Regulation is meant to deal with a wide range of possible market misconduct, but it does not synch cleanly with laws in other countries.

  • Blog

    SEC, DOJ Pursue Scottish Trader for 'False Tweets'


    Market manipulation is nothing new, of course, but both the SEC and DOJ pursued a social media-age method of illegally moving the market last week when they brought securities fraud charges against a Scottish trader whose allegedly used "false tweets" to caused the stock prices of two companies to plunge.

  • Blog

    SEC: First-of-Their-Kind Actions Take the Spotlight in 2015


    The Securities and Exchange Commission continued to build a strong record of first-of-their-kind cases that spanned the spectrum of the securities industry, according to the agency’s fiscal year 2015 enforcement report. The SEC filed 807 enforcement actions, obtaining approximately $4.2 billion in disgorgement and penalties—an increase from the 755 enforcement ...

  • Blog

    U.K. Banks on the Lookout for Civil Claims in Forex Scandal


    The foreign markets manipulation debacle may drag on, with no end in sight. In the wake of a recent landmark legal settlement where top banks, including the Royal Bank of Scotland, UBS, and Barclays, agreed to a £1.28 billion settlement in the rate-rigging scandal, lawyers and analysts are warning it’s ...