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    SEC enforcements against accountants taper, report says


    SEC enforcement actions against accountants have tapered off the past few years, according to a new analysis, while PCAOB actions jumped and remained high.

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    Mary Jo White returns to Debevoise


    Mary Jo White, former chair of the SEC, is returning to legal practice at Debevoise and will serve as senior chair of the firm. Andrew Ceresney will also rejoin Debevoise after serving under White as the director of the SEC Division of Enforcement. Jaclyn Jaeger has more.

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    In final speech, Chair White reflects on an SEC under attack


    In what may be her final public remarks as SEC chairman, Mary Jo White said that political gamesmanship and current legislative climate could erode the agency’s independence and “cripple” enforcement efforts. Joe Mont has more.

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    White plugs for accounting convergence in parting statement


    Outgoing SEC Chair Mary Jo White is urging her successor to prioritize continued improvement and convergence of accounting standards globally. Tammy Whitehouse has more.

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    White’s SEC departure inspires reflection, fear of ‘midnight regulations’


    Chairman Mary Jo White’s pending departure from the SEC has inspired a look back at her accomplishments and encouraged advice for her successors. Joe Mont reports.

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    White, Stein address ETF oversight, universal proxy access


    Each year, anyone who is anyone at the SEC, reflects upon the year that was—and the year ahead—at the Practising Law Institute’s SEC Speaks conference. At the event, held over the weekend in Washington D.C., SEC Chair Mary Jo White placed addressing the “increasingly complex portfolios and operations” of mutual ...

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    SEC’s White offers insight on 2016 priorities


    In a wide-ranging conversation at Northwestern University, SEC Chairman Mary Jo White detailed her thoughts on a variety of topics, offering fresh perspective on agency priorities for the months ahead, including the ongoing disclosure effectiveness review, a new accredited investor definition, and the “clawback” rule for executive compensation.

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    Warren: SEC Chair’s Tenure ‘Extremely Dissapointing’


    Image: Sen. Elizabeth Warren, (D-Mass.), at left, fired with both barrels at SEC Chairman Mary Jo White this week, in a blistering 13-page letter describing White’s tenure as “extremely disappointing” and full of “broken promises.” Among Warren’s concerns: the lack of a final pay-ratio rule and the dearth of guilt ...

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    SEC Chairman Weighs in on Waiver Dispute


    Image: For more than a year, the SEC has been divided over the use of waivers that allow firms to engage in capital-raising activities despite an enforcement action. For the first time, SEC Chairman Mary Jo White has entered the fray. Waivers should not be wielded as an enforcement tool, ...

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    ‘Broken Windows’ Strategy Raises Risk-Management Fears


    The SEC has been pushing its “broken windows” enforcement strategy for more than a year now, chasing down minor infractions alongside larger securities violations. What have we learned? For starters, don’t expect isolated citations; larger sweeps get more bang for the SEC’s buck. As for compliance officers, their jobs will ...