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    Being Right, Doing Right, and Ethical Leadership


    Image: Corporate America has another example of executive misconduct to ponder as we all break for Christmas: Martin Shkreli, the boorish and now former CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals arrested on other fraud charges last week. Most of his deeds, Compliance Week editor Matt Kelly says (in his last column as ...

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    The Big Challenge in New EU Data Protection Law: Values


    Image: This week European officials agreed to a final text for a sweeping new data protection law. Compliance officers in the United States should brace themselves: not only does the legislation threaten huge fines and complicate corporate marketing efforts enormously; it underlines the fundamentally differing views Europeans and Americans have ...

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    Analyzing Your Risks in the Banking Sector


    Image: Now that the Federal Reserve has raised interest rates for the first time in seven years, it’s as good a time as any to worry about risks in the banking system; and thankfully two different regulators—the U.S. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, and the International Organizations of ...

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    The Fine and Elusive Art of Managing Change Effectively


    Image: A large part of success for compliance programs at hinges on the chief compliance officer’s ability to shepherd change through the organization. But let’s be honest: managing change is not something many big businesses do well. Partly that is because companies today try to achieve too much change too ...

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    Barclays: A Modern Enforcement Action for Modern Misconduct


    Image: Last week the U.K. Financial Conduct Authority whacked Barclays with a fine of £72 million ($109 million) for sloppy oversight of a huge private-client deal brimming with financial crime risk. The more you read the details of the transaction and how poorly bank executives managed it, the more you ...

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    The Macro-Economic Trends Tearing Through Third-Party Risk


    Image: Monday’s news of the merger between Pfizer and Allergan, one of the largest corporate deals ever, is the high-water market for a huge year of M&A activity. That M&A craze poses huge challenges to compliance officers for third-party risk, from IT systems to count third parties (harder than you ...

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    AML and CFT Risks: No Easy Solutions


    Image: By sad coincidence, Compliance Week held its first-ever conference in Dubai earlier this week, and the conversation inevitably turned to sanctions, money-laundering, and terrorism funding—just days after 130 people were killed in the Paris attacks. Compliance officers must pay attention to those issues like never before, editor Matt Kelly ...

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    The Big Lesson From Compliance Week Europe


    Image: The Compliance Week Europe conference last week was a smashing success—a large turnout, of compliance professionals from across Europe (and beyond), who had vigorous discussions on all manner of topics, capped with great Belgian beer. Still, Compliance Week editor Matt Kelly writes, the most important lesson from our Europe ...

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    Where Valeant, and Corporate America, Went Wrong


    Image: The big political story this week was the Republican presidential debate, and candidates’ usual complaints that too many Americans are falling behind economically. The big corporate governance story, meanwhile, has been the unraveling of Valeant Pharmaceuticals. The two are tied, Compliance Week editor Matt Kelly writes—since Valeant’s misplaced corporate ...

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    More Thoughts on How Boards Address Risk Management


    Image: Following up on his recent columns on audit risk and company culture, this week CW editor Matt Kelly examines how often the compensation committee talks about risk. A look at the compensation committee charters for the Fortune 50 revealed some depressing results—12 company charters completely omitted the word, “risk,” ...

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    Next Up to Reform Culture: Deutsche Bank


    Image: Observers of the financial news might have seen that earlier this week Deutsche Bank reshuffled its senior managers. Observers of the compliance news might want to take note, too. The bank’s new co-CEO has a formidable task in front of him to reform Deutsche Bank’s problem-prone culture, but Compliance ...

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    How Audit Committees Really Think About Risk


    Image: Enterprise risk management is a hot subject in boardrooms across America these days, with big consequence for corporate compliance and audit professionals. Still, do audit committees have a clear sense of how they want to approach risk and risk management? Compliance Week editor Matt Kelly decided to look at ...

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    After 12 Years, Moving on From Compliance Week


    Image: Matt Kelly has been in the news business in one form or another since he was 11, so to deliver a strong lead: He is stepping down as editor and publisher of Compliance Week at the end of the year. This week, he shares a few thoughts on the ...

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    Compliance Week 2016: First Sessions Announced


    Image: We hold the Compliance Week annual conference every May, so our 2016 event might still seem a long way off to many. Around here, however, we’ve already been working on speakers and ideas for months. This week we want to give you a peek at what’s on drawing board ...

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    Thoughts on Bridging the Gap From Compliance to ERM


    Image: Compliance Week held its latest executive roundtable in Florida last week, to talk about moving from compliance programs to broader enterprise risk management. Inside, editor Matt Kelly has a first recap of what was discussed: how much ERM companies already do, how you can overcome some (not all) of ...

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    Remember the Cyber-Security Fundamentals


    Image: Title: KellyCyber-security risk might seem overwhelming these days; compliance, audit, and risk professionals are all reeling from the speed and diversity of attacks. This week, editor Matt Kelly explores how to get closer to an effective cyber-security process by remembering the basics—such as behind every cyber-attack is someone committing ...

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    Lenzi Named Head of Compliance at CHS


    CHS Inc., a $42.7 billion agribusiness operation based in St. Paul, Minn., has named Jack Lenzi vice president of corporate compliance.

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    Washington Returns to the Battle for Work Culture


    Image: Lawmakers return to Washington this week, and already President Obama has piqued them with an executive order for government contractors to offer employees paid sick leave. Expect more of the same—on sick leave, parental leave, wage hikes, union drives—because the political currents are with Obama right now, Editor Matt ...

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    More ABC Angst in Latest Compliance Survey


    Image: Fresh news from the world of surveys: Corruption risks have risen sharply in the last few years, and while compliance officers agree that an anti-corruption risk assessment is critical, many still struggle to perform that task well. So says the latest anti-bribery & corruption survey from KPMG. More findings ...

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    More on Poverty, Bribery, and Compliance


    Image: Earlier this week I wrote about poverty: how its brutal reality makes corporate compliance programs so difficult to implement, because people in emerging markets (foreign officials and employees alike) need to take bribes to survive. Then came a recent conversation with a foreign official in said emerging markets, and ...

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