Once you’ve cleared a customer against various watch lists, everything’s all good, right? Wrong!

The unfortunate reality is that today’s good customer might be tomorrow’s bad guy. And it only takes one watch list update for a customer to go from compliant to prohibited, opening up your organization to serious risk. For that very reason, retroactive sanctions screening remains a compliance expectation for all businesses.

Download this white paper for the latest insight on automated retroactive screening. In it, CSI addresses the four major challenges business face with retroactive screening:

Automating rescreening across all lines of business and transaction types

Scaling up to give near-real-time results

Increasing the efficiency of the due diligence process

Reducing false positives

Ideally, a modern sanctions screening system, which includes real-time screening capabilities, automates both the updating of watch lists and the rescreening of customer data—all within 24 hours of watch list updates. This approach makes retroactive screening a much more proactive business operation, and this white paper shows you how to get started.

Learn more by downloading the white paper now.