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    McKinsey affiliate to pay $18M for poor handling of nonpublic information


    MIO Partners, a wholly owned subsidiary of management consulting firm McKinsey & Company, has agreed to pay an $18 million penalty for failing to maintain adequate policies and procedures to prevent the misuse of material nonpublic information.

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    Compliance and unethical business practices down the chain


    The fallout from the KPMG and McKinsey scandals in South Africa has led to backlash from customers—including Barclay’s and Munich Re—demonstrating not only the potential reputational harm for engaging in unethical business practices, but the real risk for losing business opportunities.

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    A promise to pay can be an FCPA violation


    The South African imbroglio involving the Gupta family and their relationship to the current President of the country continues to be a sinkhole of reputational kryptonite. Tom Fox reports.

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    McKinsey and KPMG face blowback in South Africa


    Reports indicate both the international consultancy McKinsey and the international accounting firm KPMG have come under scrutiny for their work for the Gupta family and may be forced to self-disclose their findings to the U.S. government for potential FCPA violations.