MediaPro, a security awareness training firm, recently unveiled the Adaptive Awareness Framework, designed to change the way organizations have approached security, privacy, and compliance training. 

The Adaptive Awareness Framework, MediaPro’s proprietary model for supporting tools needed to expand employee knowledge and change behavior, is closely aligned with and in support of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework and emphasizes continual assessment and improvement.

The Adaptive Awareness Framework is adaptive by design and enables organizations to:

Analyze their employee-related risks;

Plan a program to target knowledge and behavior change;

Train employees with best-in-class online learning; and

Reinforce the message with engaging communication and behavior-targeted interventions.

The cloud-based Adaptive Awareness Portal enables customers to easily manage all elements of their awareness program and deliver consistent, engaging messaging with measurable results, via a graphic dashboard. Integration with the portal is simple, opening up possibilities for further insights into employee performance pre- and post-education, and key stats showing the ROI of the current efforts.