MediaPro this week announced two new tools to support its existing Adaptive Awareness Framework: the Adaptive Phishing Simulator and the Adaptive Knowledge Assessment. Both tools are part of MediaPro’s full suite of products designed to address companies’ evolving needs toward implementing a truly integrated security awareness program.

MediaPro’s Adaptive Phishing Simulator (APS) simplifies the phishing process by identifying risky behavior and offering immediate education to those individuals, at the point-of-failure. End users who “take the bait” are automatically enrolled in customized phishing training and reinforcement activities within a learning management system (LMS), not just a stand-alone phishing system.

These learning and awareness activities can vary with the phishing message and the actual end user behaviors. The training activities can be tracked both within the phishing system and a LMS. This provides a fully integrated solution that allows for easy reporting and streamlined training administration.

MediaPro also unveiled its new Adaptive Knowledge Assessment tool, offering the ability to measure results before and after implementation of a security or privacy awareness campaign. The assessment tool can be administered multiple times a year and deployed to different population segments.

Insights from these ongoing assessments can be leveraged to ensure an accurate measure of employee performance and behaviors. Moreover, it will give companies the ability to quantify changes in performance, help justify return on investment, and provide guidance to direct meaningful improvements in human performance within the organization.