Metalogix, a provider of unified cloud software to migrate, manage and secure content across enterprise collaboration platforms, announced the release of Storage Expert, a new product designed to enable Microsoft SharePoint Administrators to drive increased application and content performance, while dramatically reducing storage costs. Storage Expert is available immediately and being offered for free for a limited time.

Storage Expert enables Microsoft SharePoint Administrators to analyze and gain insight into the entirety of the content under management.  Storage Expert automatically finds and analyzes potential performance issues, enabling the problems to be rectified appropriately, well before user impact.  It further analyzes all SharePoint data to find unstructured and/or unused content that could be moved to a less expensive storage option, while also determining if the SharePoint data would be more appropriately and advantageously stored in the cloud or on-premises.  Storage Expert users enjoy fully optimized application performance, while also reaping a cost savings of up to 90%.

By externalizing unused and large content files and assessing what content can be archived, a health check with Storage Expert can also provide the crucial recommendations that can optimize an environment for a smooth and organized migration. For example, by next year many organizations will start the migration to Microsoft's new version of SharePoint on-premises, as well as continued migrations to hybrid models and Office 365. Proper maintenance is key to a healthy SharePoint environment, especially when considering and conducting a migration.

"Organizations are under a constant balancing act to manage exponential data growth and the need to store content long-term for regulatory compliance," said Metalogix CEO Steven Murphy. "This data bloat puts a significant strain on SharePoint environments, resulting in poor application performance, impacting user productivity and business efficiency."

IT administrators can use Storage Expert, he said, to help them "proactively identify bottlenecks and take action to maximize the performance and optimal health of their SharePoint environment while driving down storage costs."