Unified Compliance, developer of the Unified Compliance Framework, an industry-vetted compliance database, and MetricStream, a provider of GRC apps, plan to launch through a joint initiative a new cyber-security hub via MetricStream’s portal ComplianceOnline.com, a GRC advisory network and online community.

The cyber-security hub will be the first to consolidate and connect all major cyber-security requirements in a single database, enabling companies to instantaneously analyze gaps or overlaps between requirements issued by national and international standards groups, organizations, and governments. Any organization will be able to easily determine the exact set of common controls needed for compliance by simply clicking a few checkboxes. The site will also enable organizations to combine any number of cybersecurity requirements into a single list, and then export that list into spreadsheets to help the entire organization meet its compliance requirements.

“Through our partnership with Unified Compliance, we’re looking to simplify the compliance burden by providing organizations with a comprehensive database of all major cyber-security requirements, and helping them create a concise, harmonized list of compliance controls," said Mark Mitchell, MetricStream's senior vice president of corporate development. "This approach will save organizations considerable time, effort, and resources when it comes to cybersecurity compliance, and more importantly, will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their overall governance, risk management, and compliance programs.”

The new cyber-security hub will be available on ComplianceOnline.com by the end of March.