While traditional TPRM solutions automate workflow, Mirato automates the actual manual work. Using natural language processing (NLP) and advanced artificial intelligence (AI), Mirato contextualizes the information in your TPRM evidence and data sources and completes your assessments for you, validating and documenting the controls in the process and automating the audit trail. It streamlines your entire operation’s data into one smart platform.

The overall result is a significant reduction in money and time spent on the manual effort, workflow, and monitoring (cuts up to 60% of assessment costs). It also ensures improved accuracy, process integrity, and TPRM effectiveness.

Mirato TPRM INTELLIGENCE allows you to assess new risks instantly and provide true continuous monitoring and true concentration risk. As Mirato is configured to your program, using your current platforms, data sources, and partners, it allows you to maximize the value of your existing technology, subscription, and service provider investments.

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